Diet Mind Tricks

Diet Mind Tricks 101 – Cut it up!

This idea is so simple but it really works when I am trying to eat healthily!

Cut things into smaller slices/make lots of smaller portions and it will seem like more and the food will last longer!

My simple brain thinks – ‘Yay 8 slices of pizza!’

Let me know if you try it and what you think?


The Darling Snacks of May [Ideas]

This month I have been mostly snacking on…

  • Propercorn Smooth Peanut And Almond Popcorn – 4sp per 25g
    Very filling & satisfies my peanut butter cravings!



  • Crumpets – Sainsbury’s ones are 1 for 3sp & 2 for 5sp.
    Always a filling snack & you can either use points to top with peanut butter/marmalade etc or top for free with a mashed banana or Marmite



  • Wild West Original Beef Jerky – 3sp for 43g (1/2 pack)
    This meaty treat takes a while to eat as it’s so chewy which makes it a good evening watching tv snack.



  • WW Crispy Vegetable Straws – 2sp per pack.
    Very very moreish, not vegetably in the slightest, taste a bit like Walker’s French Fries.


Can you recommend any great snacks this month?

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Banoffee Baked Oats

These are a great low point/No Count snack or breakfast! They’re really quick and easy to make and you can bake them the night before and re-heat them in the microwave for a minute.

Yield:  1 portion/4 cake cases
WW SmartPoints:  4
WW No Count:  Free
Preparation time:  10 minutes
Cooking time:  35 minutes

40g porridge oats
1 egg
25ml skimmed milk
25ml sugar-free caramel syrup
1 banana


1.  Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.

2.  Mash the banana (I use a potato masher, but a fork will be fine too)

3.  Mix in the oats, egg, milk & sugar-free caramel syrup.

4.  Spoon the mixture into silicon cake cases in a cupcake/muffin pan or silicon mould.

5.  Bake for 35 minutes until the tops are browned and the bottoms are no longer soggy.

6.  Remove from the cases/mould as soon as they are cool enough to handle to prevent them going soggy. (No one likes a soggy bottom!)


Snack Search! Fibre One 90 Calorie – Salted Caramel Squares

Fibre One 90 Calorie – Salted Caramel Squares

Bought from:  Morrisons
Cost:  £1 for a box of 5!
WW Smartpoints: 4

Looks:  Looked really appetising with a lovely caramel drizzle but was quite a bit smaller than I was hoping (see photo comparison with the size of a pen!)
Smells:  Wasn’t synthetic, had a cakey caramelly smell
Taste/Texture: It was chewy & quite cakey and a little bit synthetic, fairly sweet


I was really impressed to see these on offer in Morrisons – Nice to see something healthier on offer for a change and £1 for 5!  It is good that they are individually wrapped or they could be really dangerous 🙂 These had a much better flavour than some of the other low point snacks I have tried, but I think I’d prefer something bigger for 4SP.  If you want a low point snack that is salted caramel flavour but not too big this could be the snack for you!

Rating:  3/5


October – My Fave Snacks

Here is a list of my current fave snacks which are either low in points or good value for points.  I’ve given the brands I tend to buy in brackets but obv. there are lots available!



Jerky – High in protein, low in sugar and therefore low in points.  It is actually quite difficult to chew making it last a while and it tastes yummy!
Points:  1 serving/half a pack:  3 Smartpoints (Wild West)




SF syrup – I add this to pretty much anything, examples this month include – baked oats, fruit, lemsip etc etc.  My favourite flavour is salted caramel but I’ve just invested in pumpkin spice.
Points:  0 Smartpoints! (Skinny Syrups – Best found in TK Maxx or online)




Warburton’s Sesame Bagel thins – Make a great sandwich but also tastes like a burger bun!
Points:  4 Smartpoints





Heck Sausages – As described in more detail in this previous post – Various great flavours,  such as chicken italia and smoky paprika and so low in points!
Points:  The chicken sausages = 1sp for 2 sausages or 2sp for 4 sausages (The pork ones etc are higher – so scan before you buy to avoid surprises!)


Do we really want to know ‘The Truth About Sugar’?

Carrots have a higher GI than chocolate cake.

White and brown sugar have the same nutritional value.

These are just a couple of the many intriguing facts that I learnt watching Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’ special ‘The Truth about Sugar’.  I’ve been fascinated with sugar as the latest focus of the food/health world and wrote a previous blog post about its affects, so was very keen to see what the Food Unwrapped team had to say about it.

Areas they investigate:
-Differences between brown/white sugar
-Which form of sweetener is the healthiest?
-Is agave nectar healthier than sugar? – 80s sensation turned agave nectar producer Cleo Rocos helps the team investigate
-Comparing the amounts of sugar in foods
-Looking at how one cereal bar company has reduced the sugar content of their bars by 50%
-How the food industry could reduce the sugar in ready meals
-How telling people something is reduced in sugar could affect their reaction
-The difference in your brain when you eat sugar/sweetener
-If ‘mouth-rinsing’ with a sugar solution could trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten sugar

Alternatives to sugar – But are they really healthier?

I found this episode very interesting and informative, so I definitely recommend you check it out!  You can find it here.



A Cautionary Tale – Big points come in small packages

‘Treated’ myself to a packet of delicious peanut butter M&Ms for a flight yesterday. Assumed they wouldn’t be many points as it was only a 43g packet…..

The offending packet with a ruler for scale.

Big Mistake!!! When I got back on the Internet I scanned the barcode and to my absolute horror they were a whopping 12 Smartpoints! The best thing about Weight Watchers is of course that nothing is off the menu, but I was upset about having to use some of my weeklies for such a small treat!

My advice: Number crunch before you munch!!!