Food Guilt

Could guilt be more harmful than junk food?

I’ve just spent a lovely weekend in London catching up with an old friend but on the train back rather than thinking about the good time we had I’m beating myself up over poor food choices. 

In an attempt to feel better I googled ‘guilt over unhealthy eating’ and found many interesting articles but this one stood out as particularly helpful.

It has lots of good bits. The section that particularly struck a chord was ‘Don’t forget mental/emotional health’ which discusses the idea that worrying about junk food causing future illnesses (diabetes, cancer etc) could give rise to stress which could in turn cause mental health issues & diseases. 

Perhaps we’re better off just practising self-compassion & letting things go as we can’t go back and change them?

Do you ever suffer food guilt? What helps you?

Transformation Thursday

Transformation Thursday!

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Still need to remember how far I’ve come.  10 years and 35lbs+ difference!  It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m chuffed with how I look now and the fact that I’ve managed to maintain my goal weight (on & off) for 4 years thanks to hard work & Weight Watchers!

Podcast · Self-Development

Tiny Leaps Big Changes [Podcast Recommendation]

I’ve only listened to 2 episodes of this podcast, but that was enough for me to want to recommend it!  It’s a great podcast for anyone interested in self-development.

The titles I’ve enjoyed so far are:
-How to overcome sugar addiction – Something I’m currently very interested in
-How to get better at anything – Who doesn’t?

This podcast is less than 15 minutes long but is really well researched and gives you some great ideas and takeaways that you can easily implement.  I really like Gregg Clunis’ style as he narrates as a fellow human, not someone who already knows it all.

Let me know what you think!

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breakfast · No Count

The Cake Watcher’s Top 5 No Count Breakfasts

1. Cherry Bakewell Baked Oats – Taste just like cherry bakewells, easy to make & quick to grab in the morning!  Recipe.




2. No Count Fry-Up – Eggy crumpets, bacon medallions & beans – filling & delicious. To make the eggy crumpets simply soak torn up crumpets in 1 egg whisked with a drop of milk & then fry.18160773_1247575788694541_4344144276402208768_n


3. Overnight Oats – Easy to throw together the night before & quick to enjoy in the morning.  You can put frozen fruit straight in and the juices soak into the oats as they de-frost – Delicious!  The ones here are cherry bakewell (bit of a fave), but you can use lots of different fruit/flavour combinations.




4. Bacon & Egg Muffin – A great breakfast fakeaway of everyone’s favourite fast food breakfasts.




5. Banoffee Baked Oats – Another baked oats variation, the banana in these really bulks them up so they are very filling.  Recipe here.



Let me know if you try any of these, and what you think.

My thoughts on No Count

Fruit & Veg

Is 5 a day past its sell-by date?


We all know the popular NHS slogan ‘5 a day’ referring to the amount of portions of fruit & veg we ought to eat daily, but has the recommendation changed now we have more information about nutrition?

Whilst researching ‘5 a day’ online I found a lot of sites (including the NHS one) which were about sticking with 5.  The BBC GoodFood site had this article, which says you should eat 7.  In this Guardian article from Feb it  states that research shows we should ‘eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut risk of early death’.  The good news from this article is that even a few portions of fruit & veg during the day does us some good, but if we want to cheat chronic diseases and death we need to be eating much more.

So in conclusion it seems like the more fruit & veg you can get in your day the better, but at least 5 or 7 and aim for 10 if possible!  This handy article from The Metro explains what a portion is and has ideas for how to get 10 into your day.

Do you manage to pack 10 portions into your day?  What sort of things are you eating?

Diet Mind Tricks

Diet Mind Tricks 101 – Carb Substitutes!

As a massive snacker I am always looking for easy ways to save my WW SmartPoint budget during the day.

Eating vegetables in a ‘carb-like’ form with meals may be the answer to my prayers!

Rice – 6sp
Cauliflower rice (providing it’s the plain one) – 0sp

Image result for cauliflower rice curry
Curry & Cauliflower rice
Spaghetti – 6sp
Courgetti/Boodles (Butternut squash noodles) – 0sp

Image result for spaghetti boodles
Spaghetti Bolognese with Boodles
Chips – 6sp (or more!)
Butternut squash chips/chunks/squaffles – 0sp

My lunch today – BNS chips & chicken nuggets – 7sp
Other examples are out there, but you get the picture… I think the great thing is that providing your put enough flavour into your meals then you don’t even notice the carbs are missing.  For example if you have cauliflower rice with curry the curry sauce gives the rice a better flavour (it’s not the best plain).

Have you tried these or any other substitutes – what do you think?