Fruit & Veg

Is 5 a day past its sell-by date?


We all know the popular NHS slogan ‘5 a day’ referring to the amount of portions of fruit & veg we ought to eat daily, but has the recommendation changed now we have more information about nutrition?

Whilst researching ‘5 a day’ online I found a lot of sites (including the NHS one) which were about sticking with 5.  The BBC GoodFood site had this article, which says you should eat 7.  In this Guardian article from Feb it  states that research shows we should ‘eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut risk of early death’.  The good news from this article is that even a few portions of fruit & veg during the day does us some good, but if we want to cheat chronic diseases and death we need to be eating much more.

So in conclusion it seems like the more fruit & veg you can get in your day the better, but at least 5 or 7 and aim for 10 if possible!  This handy article from The Metro explains what a portion is and has ideas for how to get 10 into your day.

Do you manage to pack 10 portions into your day?  What sort of things are you eating?

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