Diet Mind Tricks

Diet Mind Tricks 101 – Carb Substitutes!

As a massive snacker I am always looking for easy ways to save my WW SmartPoint budget during the day.

Eating vegetables in a ‘carb-like’ form with meals may be the answer to my prayers!

Rice – 6sp
Cauliflower rice (providing it’s the plain one) – 0sp

Image result for cauliflower rice curry
Curry & Cauliflower rice
Spaghetti – 6sp
Courgetti/Boodles (Butternut squash noodles) – 0sp

Image result for spaghetti boodles
Spaghetti Bolognese with Boodles
Chips – 6sp (or more!)
Butternut squash chips/chunks/squaffles – 0sp

My lunch today – BNS chips & chicken nuggets – 7sp
Other examples are out there, but you get the picture… I think the great thing is that providing your put enough flavour into your meals then you don’t even notice the carbs are missing.  For example if you have cauliflower rice with curry the curry sauce gives the rice a better flavour (it’s not the best plain).

Have you tried these or any other substitutes – what do you think?


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