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2 Minute Read – More than 2 drinks per day increases your cancer risk.

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Scary Facts (Original article)

  • People in the UK drink the 8th most in Europe, less than France & Germany!
  • By drinking more than an average of 2 drinks a day you are increasing your risk of getting bowel cancer, and if you drink 3-4 other types of cancer too.
  • People are largely unaware of the link between drinking and getting cancer.

My Thoughts:
Alcohol has become such a part of our society & culture that we’ve forgotten that it can also increase the risk of cancer, unlike smoking which has been largely demonised over the years.

Why is this?
I think it’s probably to do with the amount of influence that the drinks industry has over the media/government etc.

What can we do?

  • Suggestions are being made for alcohol to have the same scare labelling as cigarettes.
  • Try to be more aware of the fact that alcohol is an addictive drug & carcinogen and use it wisely.

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