The Darling Snacks of May [Ideas]

This month I have been mostly snacking on…

  • Propercorn Smooth Peanut And Almond Popcorn – 4sp per 25g
    Very filling & satisfies my peanut butter cravings!



  • Crumpets – Sainsbury’s ones are 1 for 3sp & 2 for 5sp.
    Always a filling snack & you can either use points to top with peanut butter/marmalade etc or top for free with a mashed banana or Marmite



  • Wild West Original Beef Jerky – 3sp for 43g (1/2 pack)
    This meaty treat takes a while to eat as it’s so chewy which makes it a good evening watching tv snack.



  • WW Crispy Vegetable Straws – 2sp per pack.
    Very very moreish, not vegetably in the slightest, taste a bit like Walker’s French Fries.


Can you recommend any great snacks this month?

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