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How to Lose Weight Well – Series 2 Episode 1

This is the second series of this show and features people trying out different diets:
-Crashers – 2 weeks – Green smoothie/bone broth diets
-Shape Shifters – 6 weeks – French woman/Asian diets
-Life Changers – 4 months – Clean eating/Weight Watchers diets


It features scientist Doctor Xand Van Tulleken trying out some sensible and bonkers ways that might help people lose weight!  He is joined by dietician Hala El-Shafie and chef Stacie Stewart (who makes meals for the participants in her healthy deli).  What follows is my opinions of the diets featured – Please check out the show for more information on the diets.

I should probably say that although I am interested in nutrition and finding the best diet, that I have been following the WW diet for 12 years and I work for WW so my opinions are very biased!  With this in mind, my first thought is that the 6 week and 2 week diet plans are quick fixes/silver bullets and that I think personally I would just put the weight back on as soon as I finished any of these unless I was able to incorporate it into normal life.

Smoothie Diet – No one can deny the popularity of the juice cleanse/green smoothie diets. I was even fooled into buying a Nutribullet myself (although never quite fell for their ‘anti-ageing’ claims).  I do enjoy a smoothie on occasion, but watched a Horizon episode a while back that demonstrated that studies show smoothies are actually less healthy for you because they take away some of the processing of the fruit/veg that your body would be doing and you lose some of the nutrients.  The other concern with smoothies would be how much sugar you could consume whilst not really feeling full – As my wise ww leader down south used to say – if you ate the same amount of fruit unblended you would feel much fuller!  My main problem with both this and the bone broth diet is that I could prob never convince myself that a smoothie or bone broth was a real meal!


Bone broth diet – 2 days of bone soup a week and no tea/coffee – I don’t think so! To be fair bone broth may be very tasty and nutritious – but this diet is not for me!  By the way – Talk about diet frenemies – who brings a pizza round!?

A certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’?

French Woman diet – I definitely like the idea of this diet and it does seem fairly sensible as you cut out processed foods and exercise portion control – Seems like something that could be liveable! I like the idea that you eat slowly because you enjoy it!


Asian Diet – Again, this diet looks totally liveable and is something I’d definitely like to look into trying within the WW plan (no one says you can’t mix and match!).  Lots of stir fries and the odd glass of sake!

Clean Eating – A bit of a trend that is going on at the moment, think it would prob be very healthy and something that we should all aspire to but maybe not to extremes!  The best bit was when the guy following it said he thought ‘Clean Eating’ might be related to washing up!


WW – You know I am biased, but this diet seemed to me like the only one that wasn’t a bit mad!  I wish the guy following had made more of the fact that you can eat whatever you like – e.g. He ate a Chinese buffet and still lost 3.5lbs one week! (Note:  I am not recommending you eat a Chinese buffet every week!)  His coach seemed brilliant!


Xand’s bonkers weightloss ideas – This week the lovely Xand was trying out ice baths and saunas to see if it helped with weight loss – apparently not unless you count the amount he sweated!  Do check out the sauna pants though!

Helpful diet experiments – 20 women had to chew varying amounts of times and then stop eating when they felt full.  This was only a small experiment, but it was very interesting to see that those who had chewed more ate less overall.  Studies apparently show that chewing can affect the hormones which give us a full signal. Chewing more could be a good idea to help us eat less?

Really enjoy this show and finding out about the different diets out there – Let me know what you thought!

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