Advent Calendar

Reverse Advent Calendar – Giving back at Christmas

I wanted to share my advent calendar this year – In no way my idea – I saw someone posting about this on Facebook and thought it was a great concept!

Even though I am now in my 30s I’ve still been enjoying chocolate advent calendars but this year I  decided that this year rather than either having to count points every day for a chocolate or not counting and feeling guilty I would feel better if my advent efforts went to helping others! So I’ve decided to create a reverse advent calendar.

What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?
Every day you put an item needed by the local food bank into a box and then donate it all. You may already have items in your cupboards that would be suitable so it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money!  Perhaps you have some treats that you’ve been avoiding as they are too high in points that someone might really appreciate this Christmas!?

You can even print a traditional looking advent calendar front to stick on the box and tick off every day so that it still feels festive and like an advent calendar! (See below).  You can even decorate your box or divide it into sections.

Now – I am not saying that you should not have an advent calendar or that you shouldn’t enjoy that little chocolatey treat every day!  But if you wanted to try out this idea that would be great too! Just google your local foodbank and see what they are in need of…


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