October – My Fave Snacks

Here is a list of my current fave snacks which are either low in points or good value for points.  I’ve given the brands I tend to buy in brackets but obv. there are lots available!



Jerky – High in protein, low in sugar and therefore low in points.  It is actually quite difficult to chew making it last a while and it tastes yummy!
Points:  1 serving/half a pack:  3 Smartpoints (Wild West)




SF syrup – I add this to pretty much anything, examples this month include – baked oats, fruit, lemsip etc etc.  My favourite flavour is salted caramel but I’ve just invested in pumpkin spice.
Points:  0 Smartpoints! (Skinny Syrups – Best found in TK Maxx or online)




Warburton’s Sesame Bagel thins – Make a great sandwich but also tastes like a burger bun!
Points:  4 Smartpoints





Heck Sausages – As described in more detail in this previous post – Various great flavours,  such as chicken italia and smoky paprika and so low in points!
Points:  The chicken sausages = 1sp for 2 sausages or 2sp for 4 sausages (The pork ones etc are higher – so scan before you buy to avoid surprises!)

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