Do we really want to know ‘The Truth About Sugar’?

Carrots have a higher GI than chocolate cake.

White and brown sugar have the same nutritional value.

These are just a couple of the many intriguing facts that I learnt watching Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’ special ‘The Truth about Sugar’.  I’ve been fascinated with sugar as the latest focus of the food/health world and wrote a previous blog post about its affects, so was very keen to see what the Food Unwrapped team had to say about it.

Areas they investigate:
-Differences between brown/white sugar
-Which form of sweetener is the healthiest?
-Is agave nectar healthier than sugar? – 80s sensation turned agave nectar producer Cleo Rocos helps the team investigate
-Comparing the amounts of sugar in foods
-Looking at how one cereal bar company has reduced the sugar content of their bars by 50%
-How the food industry could reduce the sugar in ready meals
-How telling people something is reduced in sugar could affect their reaction
-The difference in your brain when you eat sugar/sweetener
-If ‘mouth-rinsing’ with a sugar solution could trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten sugar

Alternatives to sugar – But are they really healthier?

I found this episode very interesting and informative, so I definitely recommend you check it out!  You can find it here.


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