Tv Show Review

Tv Show Review – Joe Wicks: The Body Coach Ch4

Joe Wicks: The Body Coach
Available on All 4

Joe wicks
Joe helps a firefighter get fitter for the arrival of his baby

This is a review of the new show from one of the latest fitness ‘icons’.  As a long-term Weight Watcher I am fascinated by these health and fitness shows and have watched everything from ‘Secret Eaters’ to ‘Losing weight for love’.  Joe Wicks has become famous for his easy to make 15 minute meals and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.  In this show he helps members of the public who want to get fitter in either 90, 60 or 30 days for special occasions such as a honeymoon or holiday.

The Good:  I love Joe’s all round happy chappy attitude which is infectious and his meals and workouts which can be completed in 15 minutes seem ideal for almost anyone.  Most of the programme is spent with Joe demonstrating these.  The recipes which he creates look really tasty and healthy (see eggs baked in avocados below) – Most people should be able to easily make these for their families and it’s great that he encourages the use of healthy fats and lean meats.  The exercises he demonstrates would also be easy for most people to replicate in their own homes and hardly require any time or equipment.


The Bad:  Although the people in the show are supposed to be getting fitter thanks to help from the Body Coach he seems to have little involvement in their eating and exercising, only meeting them  at the end of the show to do the final comparison of their two full body shots (Instagram is also full of people who’ve followed the plan’s ‘Transformation’ photos).  The comments he makes about drinking loads of water helping you to lose weight and the fact that you should start before you are thirsty go against scientific evidence I came across recently, and it is worrying that people with influence are allowed to go on tv and tell people to do things which are not proven.  Link to my blog post about how much water to drink here.

In Conclusion
I really enjoyed watching this show and am going to be trying out some of the new recipes and am hoping they will be making a full series in the future.  I love that Joe Wicks is helping people and just wants the world to be a healthier place.  I would however, always advise you to take any health recommendations given on these sorts of shows with a pinch of salt and do some of your own research.

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