#GBBO – Can you watch your cake and eat it?

It’s finally back – I didn’t realise I had missed it until it was on again!  I’m talking, of course, about ‘The Great British Bake Off’ which was back on our screens last night for the first episode of the 7th series.  According to the BBC, last night’s programme was watched by over 10 million people.

The new Bake Off contestants – Still smiling at this point…

According to my WW leader, research shows that watching a food related show such as the Bake Off or Masterchef gives you as much satisfaction as actually eating the food – Not sure I agree on that one!

You may be tempted to lick your screen…

The Bake Off is fascinating though, and hopefully will encourage those of us who are trying to be good to create healthier alternatives to the butter and sugar filled delicacies that the contestants make!

Look away now – Andrew’s Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake – I dread to think of the Smartpoints!


A very good friend of mine is trying to complete the technical challenges but is using low-fat recipes.  I think in a way this makes them even more challenging and fun!  Well done Beth!

jaffa cakes
Beth’s excellent 2 Smartpoint jaffa cakes

I was also inspired to try to make a low-fat Apple Crumble in a mug today (see below), the recipe still needs tweaking, but was very tasty for a mere 6 Weight Watcher’s Smartpoints.

Apple Crumble in a Mug – Work in Progress

I’m going to try to bake a few more things as the Bake Off is going on and will post about them in the coming weeks.  Let me know if you’ve been inspired to bake anything by the Bake Off and whether you’ve been able to use healthy alternatives.

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