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HabitBull App – Never Break the Chain

Rating:  5/5

Available on Android & Apple devices.

Note:  I use HabitBull on the IPhone, some functionality may be different on Android.

I’ve been hearing/reading recently about an idea that Jerry Seinfeld apparently suggested to someone for keeping habits:  You circle each day on a calendar that you keep a habit and as you see the chain building you won’t want to break it.  The HabitBull app works on the same principle and I’ve been using it for a few months.

You can download the HabitBull app for free, and you get a lot of functionality.  I paid for the app after a month because I was really impressed with it.

The ‘Habits’ tab
How the app works:
To start, you simply click ‘add’ at the top to add a new habit.  You can then:
-Pick the category your habit falls under (health/social/sex! etc.)
-Pick how you want to track your habit (whether you are going to click yes/no if you did the habit or how many minutes you did something)
-Give your habit a name and an optional description
-You can ‘make it pretty‘ (as the app puts it) by choosing a colour for the font – the colour names are fun too e.g. boring broccoli etc
– You can set which days you want to do the habit to make it a success e.g. every day, certain days of the week, a number of days per period or every second, third day etc
finally you can set a target of the number of days you want to do this habit for it to become a success, the default is set to 66 days as some research shows this is the no. of days it takes someone to form a new habit.

After you’ve set up a habit you simply go into the app every day and click whether you’ve been successful (green dot) or unsuccessful (red dot).  If you’ve been successful then the app creates a chain between the days.  If you don’t need to do a habit every day in order to be successful then the app maintains your chain.  You can also set-up reminders.

Pros of this app:
This app makes tracking your habits really easy and fun.  I especially like the different tabs/views:
1.  Habits – Shows you all of your habits, your longest streak and the percentage of time you’ve stuck to the habit
2.  Daily – shows you the current day for all the habits
3.  Weekly – How you are doing that week with your habits, also has other statistics such as percent successful days, a motivation quote and user discussions which you can join in with
4.  Monthly – The same as weekly but shows how you’ve been getting on this month

screen322x572 (1)
The ‘Weekly’ tab
Other benefits of this app:  It is really user-friendly and has a lovely simple design.  The stats are interesting and it can be used across multiple devices.

Cons of this app:
Honestly, I’m really impressed with this app and haven’t really found any major cons, I did find the reminders a little hard to set up at first and I haven’t really bothered with that because I’m quite good at looking at it every day.

It doesn’t seem like you get much extra in the paid version of the app.

Overall I really recommend this app as it’s really easy to use, a great way to track your habits and provides an element of accountability.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to start/track their habits.


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