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Dieting Mind tricks 101 – A good kind of portion distortion!

These are the diet mind tricks you are looking for…

The brain is a wonderful organ that can be our best friend or worst enemy at times, especially when it comes to dieting.  During my 11 years following Weight Watchers I have come across various ‘tricks’ that can be used to help you stick to the plan and I wanted to share them so that other people can benefit from them.  This is the first:  Using smaller plates/bowls.

US examples – but UK is similar…


Using smaller plates/bowls:
This sounds ridiculous but does actually work.  According to my WW leader, the size of bowls/plates have gone up a lot over the years as we’ve become more affluent and could afford to eat more (See image above).  This of course is not great for someone trying to lose weight.  If you have large dinner plates  and are used to filling them with food then when you start following WW and your portions are a lot smaller it will be a real downer!  Cereal is a perfect example of a food that when you put it in a bigger bowl it doesn’t look very much so you want to add more.

Same amount of cereal – different bowls…

When my OH and I bought plates a few years ago, we just happened to buy some with a coloured rim, which means the actual area you can put food in is a lot smaller, and makes your food look bigger – I would recommend you do the same or just buy smaller plates and bowls.  If you have a treasured set that you don’t want to change or your family loves, then you could just buy one set of smaller things for you – Although really it’s good to encourage everyone to have smaller portions and set a good example…

Our current dinner crockery (the bowls are annoyingly massive so I use different ones)

So, the main message here is – if you want your food to look like more and for you to feel that you are getting value for points, then put it on smaller plates/in smaller bowls – it really works!  Try it and let me know how you got on!

Same dinner – smaller plate!


More diet mind tricks to follow in future posts!

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