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Zero Hero Snacks to keep you busy between meals!

I was inspired to write this post by a lady at my Weight Watchers (WW) meeting today who said she was eating all her points but was still hungry.  The following is a selection of foods that I have found to keep me going throughout the day and distract me from using points.  If you are not a WW member then the following snacks will still be a healthy way to stay full throughout the day.


Fruit – The ultimate Zero Hero.
Much discussion about this at WW as some people do try to save points by eating loads of fruit but then end up putting on weight.  My leader recommends not eating more than your 5-a-day to try and avoid this.  The other thing you should try not to do is eat too much of one particular fruit.  Most ‘pieces’ of fruit count as one portion, or 80g is a portion.




I don’t find myself snacking on veg much these days, but I have gone through phases in the past, favourites include:
-Gherkins in vinegar
-Stir frying frozen peppers & onions and mixing them with passata and tabasco/soy sauce

gherkinsstir fry



Miso Soup
The packets of this that you just add boiling water to are available at most supermarkets.  It’s quite salty so you probably shouldn’t have too much and you should also check that the one you are buying works out as 0points as some of them have more…. Definitely fills me up!




Sugar-free Jelly
Again, I go through phases of eating this.  You can add fruit or lemonade to make it a bit more interesting




Homemade ice lollies
With the summer coming up it’s the perfect time to put diet pop, blended fruit etc in moulds and enjoy a refreshing zero point snack!


Please let me know if you have any other good suggestions for 0 point snacks that we can share?



Photos here are stock pictures.

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