The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. – Aristotle

If you want to achieve anything in life you need support.  No one is better off going it alone.  However, as two of my favourite podcasters (The Minimalists) often say, you need to have people around you who add ‘Value’ to your life.

When you make choices or changes in life it is often a time when you realise who your friends really are and who is just along for the ride.  Getting healthier and losing weight is a great example of this – This post examines who you should have in your life and why.

Your best supporters.  People who believe in your journey and are in it for the long haul.  They don’t try and change you and make you do the same thing as them.  They accept that your situation is different and you’ve got to do what you want to do.  These people are always positive.


Hard to describe anyone in your life as a ‘hater’.  No one really hates anything, perhaps they just see things different and it’s their way or the highway.  Sometimes these people suck the positivity out of every one of your ideas.  They constantly try to de-rail you with ‘well meaning’ gestures.


Who are these people?
These people on either side could be your significant other, your friends, your family members, work colleagues etc.  Could this even be yourself? – they do say we are our own worst enemies…

You need lovers not haters in your life if you want to remain positive and reach your goals.  You also need to be your own biggest supporter.

Another great quote from the Minimalists:  “You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you”. (It’s a thinker…).

Please check out ‘The Minimalists’ podcast and website for more inspiring and life changing ideas!  They’ve also just released their documentary ‘Minimalism’ which  opened as the #1 documentary of 2016 in the US and Canada.  It will be available to watch online in the UK from the 2nd of August.



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