Honesty post

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

So,  2 weeks ago I lost enough weight to be within my goal bracket (original goal weight +5lbs). I have been pretty much yo-yoing around above my goal since I reached it in July 2013, so was pretty happy about this as I’d been working hard for the last few months to achieve it.

I’ve noticed on Instagram and from talking to people at WW meetings that there is a certain element of ‘What next?’ for people in this situation.  You’ve worked hard and been so good to get to this point, and now what? When I first started the diet, I used to believe that this was the point at which I would finally be able to eat ‘normally’ again.

As a seasoned ww member of 11 years+ I realise that this is not realistic. I can’t just go back to how I was I.e feeling fat and bloated and eating way too much chocolate/rubbish. Ww is a lifestyle not just a diet and this is a good thing as studies have shown that actually the very idea of following a ‘diet’ actually makes it harder for you to lose weight…

I almost went off the deep end this week, it’s amazing how we convince ourselves that if we’ve just followed a new habit for a short amount of time that we now have it cracked, even though the old habit is far more ingrained. I had lost another lb which put me firmly into my goal bracket, so I decided that as me and the OH were going away this weekend and I was planning to see a few friends this week that I would up my WW points to the maintenance allowance so that it was easier to eat out etc.  A great idea in theory…


However, I soon got over-confident and returned to old habits (apparently they do die-hard). I went out for a meal with an old teaching friend and she was kind enough to agree to go to Pizza Express so I could get something WW friendly.  We both ended up getting Leggera pizzas (the ones with the salad in the middle) so they were a mere 13sp each – fine.wine glass

The problem came with my dear old frenemy alcohol. It is kind of our tradition on these days out (which take place in the school holidays as my friend is still teaching) to get rather squiffy.  It all started with Prosecco at lunch, then I started using one of the classic habit loopholes (you only liveonce) in this case it was because I am moving at the beginning of July and this might be our last chance to meet up. To be fair, I was more sensible than I’ve been in the past on these days, but the alcohol  points soon added up:

  • 125ml Prosecco – 4sps
  • Half bottle of white wine (‘just a couple of glasses’ turned out to be 375ml) – 10sps
  • Gin & slim line tonic – 2sps
  • Corona – 3sps

The trouble with alcohol is that is leads to more bad choices and falling into loopholes – plus it was nearly my OHs work finishing time so I suggested that we went and got food at Bodean’s (amazing but not WW friendly bbq restaurant).  Again, my excuse was – ‘We’ll be leaving London soon and we might not get many more chances to go there!’ I got fries, coleslaw and ‘burnt ends’ (bbq meat in bbq sauce) so probably not the worst choice, but then decided to also treat myself to a bowl of Oppo ice cream at home with caramel sauce.

The next morning, when the hangover guilt was kicking in, I decided the best course of action was to try to track as much of it as I could. Needless to say, on that day I managed to use all of my dailies and all of my weeklies and then some…

ww tracker

So, that annoyed me as it now means that this weekend, when I was planning to have an un pointable meal out with the OH, I’ve now had to ask that we go somewhere WW friendly. It’s fine, luckily he is very understanding, and I’ve had a chat with a lovely lady on the ww website who advised I reduced my dailies just to be sure I don’t gain which I am hoping is overkill but probably isn’t!

It just shows that contrary to what we think about having got the hang of the diet that it is so easy to ‘relapse’ and we do need to be very careful not to get too cocky especially where alcohol is concerned!

I am sadly only human (another loophole?) and I shall be doing my best to get back on track this week!

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