Snacking Solution – Alpen Light Cereal Bars [Review]

Alpen Light bars cereal bars are available in delicious flavours such as Jaffa Cake and Cherry Bakewell.  I’ve been eating these bars for a while now on the WW plan and was surprised to find out they were not high on smartpoints!

They are a great treat at 4pm when  afternoon hunger kicks in and I’m looking for a sugary snack.  A box of 5 from Sainsbury’s cost £1.99, and they are occasionally on offer.  This is around the same price as other cereal bars and WW branded bars.

I have tried the Chocolate & Fudge, Jaffa Cake, Banoffee and Cherry Bakewell bars so far… Looking forward to testing out the others! They are not too sweet and don’t leave you wanting more.  No real negatives, but the Chocolate Fudge and Double Chocolate ones are higher in points.

Smartpoints for Alpen Lalpen light bars selectionight Cereal Bars:

  • Chocolate & Fudge – 3
  • Double Chocolate 3
  • Jaffa Cake – 2
  • Summer Fruits – 2
  • Banoffee – 2
  • Cherry Bakewell – 2
  • Lemon Drizzle with yogurt – 2
  • Apple & Sultana – 3



Check out these bars if you are looking for a low point sweet snack!


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