Snack experimentation – Nakd Pecan Pie – Raw Fruit & Nut bar

Fourth attempt to find a tasty low smartpoint alternative to  chocolate bars.

Nakd Pecan Pie – Raw Fruit & Nut bar
Bought from:  Holland & Barrett
Cost:  £0.99
WW Smartpoints: 6

Looks:  Brown and mottled – Healthy but not all that appealing
Smells:  Smells Ok, like dried fruit
Taste:  Like fruit cake, dried fruit, nutty kind of a taste, doesn’t really taste like pecan pie
Texture: Like eating squashed together dried fruit and nuts

Conclusion:  Not such a bad price for this bar, but there is no way I would be able to mistake it for a tasty chocolate bar or even a pecan pie!  Ok and probably way healthier but not really worth 6sps for a treat.  I won’t be buying again!  Disappointing!



Rating:  ** (Out of 5)

Note:  Claims to be gluten, wheat, dairy free – Perhaps these are all the things that taste good?

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