Honesty post

Why sometimes, staying the same is OK

So, this week I rocked up to my WW meeting all excited.  I’d been inspired by my pals on Instagram this week and had been really good on the plan, only having one evening off for our 5-year anniversary meal which I’d saved nearly all my weeklies for.  So, I gleefully hopped onto the scales having removed every possible piece of clothing (whilst staying decent :P) and was met with the news that I had neither lost nor gained – I had in fact, STAYED THE SAME.
I think a STS is always hard because it often occurs on a week when you thought you had done really well, if I had been off plan this week munching away at Ben & Jerry’s then I definitely wouldn’t expect a STS.
However, let’s analyse the pros, cons and facts of the STS:
-I haven’t put on any weight which I will now have to lose again
-I still have the same amount (3lbs!) to lose until I reach my upper goal limit.
-I still have the same amount of weight to lose as I did last week and therefore will have to ‘stay on the diet’ longer
The actual truth about my week:
Now for the real story – I did save nearly all of my weeklies for our 5-year anniversary meal. However, we went to Bodean’s and I ate a very big plate of meat and fries (see below) washed down by several cocktails, followed by a giant piece of Oreo cake.
Thoughts – In order to lose weight on any diet you are going to need to eat less than you need to use, and by eating a lot on Saturday I may not have done this… But, if you look at it the other way around, at least I didn’t gain weight from doing this, I was lucky really!  Plus, I really enjoyed our anniversary and wasn’t stressing about points as I had been good the rest of the week.  As for being on the diet longer as a reason to be annoyed, I’ve been on this diet for going on 10 years on and off so I think I need to accept that I will always have to watch what I eat, so this isn’t a big deal and it might help me live a healthier and ultimately longer life!



Couldn’t find a pic of the cake sadly!  Had to stop scrolling through pictures of cakes….

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