3rd Time Lucky – Possible Chocolate Bar Substitute – PHD Pharma Whey HT Bar – Chocolate Peanut

Third attempt to find a tasty low smartpoint alternative to regular chocolate bars.

PHD Pharma Whey HT Bar – Chocolate Peanut
Bought from:  Holland & Barrett
Cost:  £2.99 (Bought as part of a ‘buy one get one half price’ deal)
WW Smartpoints: 6

Looks:  Both me and OH actually thought this one looked pretty good!  Cut open – Looked OK, not entirely like the picture on the packet as the crispy bit is not as thick.
Smells:  Smelt pretty good, not plasticky and synthetic like some of the others
Taste:  Quite nutty but a bit bland, no after taste
Texture: Cakey/greasy consistency, but you get used to it, the crunchy bits at the top of the bar are good.  Quite stodgy.

Conclusion:  Not horrible but still not as moreish/delicious as the average chocolate bar, although it is a lot lower in points.  A bit expensive for an every day treat?
Rating:  ** (Out of 5)

Note:  Perhaps the cloying texture of these bars is just a characteristic of the whey/protein ingredient? Although these bars are not as tasty as chocolate bars they are more filling and I don’t find myself wanting another one straight away….  The search continues!



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