Do Smartpoints have the answer?

Jean Nidetch first created Weightwatchers in 1961 so that her friends could help her maintain motivation to lose weight.  The focus of the WW plan has of course always been to purge the pounds but also to help you live a healthier lifestyle.  The advances in nutritional research over the years has meant that there have been various focuses of the WW plan and types of food which we are told should be avoided.

In the time that I’ve been following the WW plan I have counted ‘Points’, ‘Propoints’ and from December moved onto new ‘Smartpoints’.  The thing I have always loved about WW is that you can eat the foods that you love but in sensible portions.  This meant that on the Propoints plan you only needed to save about 5 points per day to enjoy a treat like a Crunchie. It was also great when the change from ‘Points’ to ‘Propoints’ enabled you to eat fruit for free.

The new ‘Smartpoints’ plan has meant a shift in focus to cutting down the amount of sugar in your diet.  I fully take this on board as a good idea if sugar is much worse for us than we originally thought, however it has made having sugary treats on the diet trickier.  There seems to be a lot of dislike for this new ‘sugar tax’ on the WW forums and I wonder if it will push people towards Slimming World as it seems to become very popular this year.

Rather than having to learn a new diet, I will be trying to find suitable alternatives to satisfy my sweet cravings.  The idea that I’ve noticed other members on Instagram trying is eating bars that are protein based and less sugary which are normally used for muscle building (Beefcake!).  I’ve bought a few of these which are 8sps or under in Holland & Barrett in peanut/strawberry cheesecake flavour and am looking forward to seeing if they are any good!

If WW do have our best interests at heart, I think I’m just going to have to stop whinging and find healthier choices!

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