alcohol · Honesty post

Oh alcohol, I still drink to your health!

Credit to my OH for suggesting the topic of my post today.  January was a long month for me as I took part in Dryathlon for Cancer Research.  However, it did make following the WW plan a lot easier.

Yesterday I re-discovered why alcohol is not the dieter’s best friend.  Having realised I could get a glass of wine whilst I was waiting at the hairdressers, I thought “Why not?!”.  Of course, it’s never just the one glass of wine – after the first one I was offered a top up and after that eating the miniature pretzels that came with the wine seemed like a good idea even though I knew there was no way I could point them.  I feel even worse because I had even prepared for the eventuality of snacks at the hairdresser (as they seem to be commonplace these days) by putting a ww brownie bar in my handbag – needless to say it’s still there!

Not only did I eat too much following the two glasses of wine, I also got talked into buying an extra conditioning treatment and the ultra-expensive colour shampoo and conditioner, which I obviously could not live without.  I am in no way blaming the hair salon for any of this although maybe the wine angle does help them get a few more sales of products and services…

That isn’t the worst of it though, feeling the effects of the second glass, I asked my OH if we could go to Byron Burger for dinner and then not only had more wine and more snacks when I came home, but also arranged to go to Bodeans (a delicious but calorific bbq restaurant) for dinner tonight!

This morning I woke up feeling worse for wear in both an alcohol and monetary sense.  I will try to be sensible when we go out this evening and already plan to try drinking beer instead of wine.  My next post will definitely be on lower alcohol alternatives to make the diet easier!


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