Pancake Day

Yes, you can have your (pan)cake and eat it!

The original version of the  popular idiom in the title which I have adjusted could also be expressed as ‘You can’t have it both ways’.  I think these phrases are a conflict that we often deal with on the ww plan or when trying to lose weight using any method.  You can’t have the things you love (in this case bad food!) and also lose weight.
Although this has got harder to do with sweet things since the new smartpoints ww plan was released, it is still possible.  Another popular idiom comes to mind – ‘Everything in moderation’.
One example of this is exactly what I was alluding to in the title – ‘Pancake Day’.  At my WW meeting today, my leader asked “Who is having pancakes this evening?”.  I very excitedly put my hand up and was shocked to see that hardly anyone else had theirs up.  I think tbh that people were afraid to show the leader that they were having something that would be considered ‘bad’ on the plan.  So, the leader asked me what I was going to have and I explained to the group that I was going to make some pancakes from the ww cook book (an old one) and have lemon juice and Truvia on them so they wouldn’t be too many points. (2sp per pancake – I will be eating 3!)  She suggested also that you could incorporate pancakes as part of your main meal, which also seems like a good idea.
I think compared to a lot of the other more restrictive/fixed food diets ww is very good in that you can eat things which are ‘bad’ and you can eat out.  I’m very excited to be having fish and chips for the first time in ages on Friday but I am saving all of my weekly points for it!
I think the other thought that occured to me this week at the ww meeting is, you need to be honest with yourself.  If you haven’t been good, then admit it, and move on.  Don’t be in denial like the lady in front of me in the weigh in queue who had put on 6lbs and seemed shocked and claimed this was only because she had eaten an extra Kit Kat this week!  Now, she may have not been that bad, but somehow I doubt 1 Kit Kat was enough for her to gain 6lbs.  As my sister said “How big was this Kit Kat?!”.
Update:  The WW pancakes were actually a bit small so I ended up combining the second and third into one so I just had two pancakes in total, but they were still a tasty treat!

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