Inspiral Courgettes

Seems like I may be a bit behind the times, because when I watched the Mary Portas show ‘What Britain bought in 2015’ it was the first time I’d really heard of the spiralizer, despite apparently everyone else in the country having gone mad for them in 2015!

At first I was sceptical, it seemed like putting some of the pages of the spiralizer cook books through a shredder and boiling them might make tastier meals than the ‘noodles’ that the spiralizer produced.  Plus, having got sucked into the Nutribullet health craze last year, I was reluctant to clutter up our kitchen with another gadget that would only get used until I got bored.  I was intrigued though, if there was any way you could make a vegetable as tasty as pasta for zero sps, I definitely wanted to try it!
So I started doing some research.  There seem to be 3 main types of spiralizers on sale at the moment:
1.  The big contraption with different blades that you put your chosen veg in and turn the handle –  link to example

Pros: The proper gadget, less work than some of the others, not too pricey at  £25+, probably could spiralize all types of vegetables, makes different types of ‘noodle’

Cons: Looks like it might take up a lot of space when being used and stored

2. The small pencil sharpener style that you just put your veg in and turn – link to example

Pros: Cheaper at around £6 online, much smaller to store

Cons: Looks like the spiralizing could be hard work and you might end up grating your hand by accident, may not spiralize harder vegetables

3.  The julienne peeler, which is just a vegetable peeler with extra teeth – link to example
Pros: Cheap at around £7 online, easy to use as just like a hand peeler, can just be chucked in a drawer
Cons: Just makes thin pieces of veg rather than the nice spirals, may not work on some of the harder vegetables

Verdict:  As I’m trying to avoid spending too much money and acquiring more things, I decided to be sensible (for once!) and bought the Oxo Julienne peeler from a local cook shop.  I’m pretty happy with my decision.  The peeler is quick and easy to use and makes strips of veg which do feel a bit like pasta when you eat them and they do really fill you up.  It’s easy to wash-up and does not take up any extra space in the kitchen.  At the moment I have only tried it with courgettes so I will post again when I try something else.  I do think that whichever spiralizer you use that they are a great idea for for reducing the number of sps that you spend on a meal.  A good example of this was my lunch today which consisted of courgetti, passata, herbs, 30g low fat mozzarrella and 20g Quorn pepperoni which tasted really good and like a real pasta dish, but unlike a real pasta dish was only 3 smartpoints!  (See below)

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